About AAD Urban Learning Leadership Center

An Achievable Dream Urban Learning Leadership Center (AADULLC) has been active nationally since 2003, providing school improvement strategies, professional learning services, and social and emotional support. Our goal is to build the capacity of local school leaders to increase academic achievement of all students, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or learning challenges.

AADULLC focuses on a holistic approach to training leaders and coaching schools. Over the past twenty years, we have impacted over 200 schools and 1.5 million students across the country. With a diverse menu of services and robust team of expert education consultants, AADULLC can provide customized professional learning solutions and K—12 social and emotional curriculum for your school.

Urban Learning Leadership Center’s Partnership with An Achievable Dream

An Achievable Dream is pleased to announce our partnership with Urban Learning Leadership Center (ULLC). Bringing ULLC into the An Achievable Dream family is a critical step toward fulfilling our vision to bring the lens of equity to education. With a shared mission, goals and values, the two organizations have grown independently and on parallel paths, leading to this exciting opportunity to collaborate and create a greater impact.

By building the capacity of both teachers and students, AADULLC is removing obstacles and sharing that spark that gives us purpose in our profession. Our model is an example of how education can work—not only for or students, but also or our teachers and leaders. This model that was envisioned by Walter Segaloff, AAD, and ULLC over thirty years ago is needed today more than ever before.

  • A school where educators can see how to teach kids to dream and give them the tools they need to achieve not only in school, but also in life.
  • A professional development company with the experience and knowledge base to train and coach educators from diverse school systems across the country.
  • A powerful model that provides a holistic approach to education focusing on social, emotional, and academic learning.
  • A philosophy that inspires hope and provides a new vision for education for adults and students alike.

An Achievable Dream and the Urban Learning Leadership Center have a remarkable shared history marked by overcoming obstacles to create a new model for public education. The reunion of AAD and ULLC represents a powerful convergence of two organizations, each a lighthouse program in its own right, now united to amplify their impact on the educational landscape. We are proud to present—An Achievable Dream Urban Learning Leadership Center (AADULLC).

Meet The AADULLC Team


  • Dr. Lee Vreeland, President & CEO
  • Dr. John Hodge, Chief Inspirational Officer
  • Rashard Wright, Chief People Officer
  • Dr. Crystal Haskins, Chief Learning Officer
  • Amanda Rose, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Richard Coleman, Chief Financial Advisor
  • Harvey Parkins, Chief Consulting Advisor
  • Amasa Smith, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jillian Hernandez, Director of Empowerment and Holistic Wellbeing
  • Shannon Williams, Executive Administrator

LEAD Consultants

  • Kathryn L. Kubic, Ph.D.
  • Patricia Leary, Ph.D.

Expert Consulting Team

Our team of dedicated consultants comprises seasoned education professionals with extensive expertise in their respective fields. Boasting years of experience in teaching, training, and leadership roles, our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge to guide and support our clients. Their collective commitment to excellence in education equips them to provide tailored advice, strategic insights, and valuable training. By aligning our consultants’ expertise with the distinct challenges and goals of each school, AADULLC fosters meaningful collaborations that drive positive educational outcomes.

  • Duane Arbogast
  • Carlton Ashby
  • Stacia Barreau
  • Kelli Cedo
  • Diane Chalberg
  • Sue Chittim
  • Karen Donovan
  • Ronald Drummond
  • Jason Dykstra
  • Lori Fanello
  • Veleka Gatling
  • Maisha Gillins
  • Shelley Hartford
  • Cathy Herbert
  • Bryce Johnson
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Kellie Katzenberger
  • Carol Kelly
  • Bobby Kipper
  • Danielle Klein
  • Kathy Kubic
  • Kathy Lane
  • Pat Leary
  • Karen Lynch
  • Helen Mateosky
  • Gail McCreary
  • Kelly Monson
  • Anita Owens
  • Bobbie Pedrick
  • Heather Peterson
  • Kim Richardson
  • Janine Robinson-Campbell
  • Tiffany Stewart-Kline
  • Diana Strohecker
  • Nancy Sweat
  • Kelly Thomas
  • Krystal Thompkins
  • Deran Whitney
  • Jerri-Lynn Workman