Expanding Our Reach 

An Achievable Dream is pleased to announce our partnership with the Urban Learning Leadership Center (ULLC). Bringing ULLC into the AAD family is a critical step toward fulfilling our vision to bring equity to education and will allow us to expand our impact. An Achievable Dream Urban Learning Leadership Center provides education consulting, customizable professional learning solutions, and our K-12 social and emotional curriculums to schools across the country. This means more opportunities to drive positive change and transform the lives of students and educators across the country. Learn more about AADULLC.

A Fresh, New Look 

Alongside our expansion, we are unveiling a refreshed brand identity that reflects our growth and vision for the future. Our new logo builds on our brand equity while visually representing the hope we bring to dreamers of all kinds—students, parents, teachers, administrators, and leaders. It’s fresh and modern, pointing to a bright and hopeful future. The checkmark hidden in the negative space underlines our core belief that dreams are achievable. 

The three individualized logos for the Academies, the Urban Learning Leadership Center, and our Endowment demonstrate the differentiated parts of our organization that all exist under An Achievable Dream’s umbrella.  

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Join Us on This Journey 

As we grow and evolve, your support remains invaluable. We invite you to stay connected, get involved, and join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter! Together, we can achieve even greater things and make dreams come true.