A Tribute to the Founder


Walter S. Segaloff (1931–2013)


Walter Segaloff’s lifetime of rich and meaningful achievements created a roadmap to guide us to make our lives more fruitful and our community stronger and more caring. He was led by a few simple, yet powerful principles:


1) Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God;
2) It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, but neither are you at liberty not to begin;
3) Doing the right thing for the right reason will invariably produce good things;
4) Right makes might — truth to power;
5) “Never, never, never give up”;
6) Make your life count;
7) One person can make a difference;
8) Never again.

These are amazing truths to live by, and with this foundation, Mr. Segaloff was able to make a huge impact and significant contributions to his community and our nation. His awards and recognitions are countless and his presence loomed large in Hampton Roads and beyond, but he was most proud of three accomplishments:

Mr. Segaloff began his involvement with the state of Israel in 1949 when just a teenager he worked his way to Israel on a boat carrying 2,000 cows, landing in Haifa with the city ablaze from Syrian bombings the

night before. For the rest of his life he was intensely involved with life-long friends in supporting the growth of Israel.


In 1991, Mr. Segaloff was the co-chairman of the “Coming Home Proud” event in Newport News. This even welcomed home the Gulf Soldiers and honored the veterans of all wars, especially the Vietnam Veterans who had received no welcome home from that war 20 years earlier. Walter was an unabashed patriot, who dearly loved his country and deeply respected those who had sacrificed to serve it.

And his enormous education endeavor: An Achievable Dream. Mr. Segaloff established and guided An Achievable Dream — our public/private partnership with Newport News Public


Schools which pioneered a model wrapped in social and moral focus around an education curriculum proving that all children can learn and succeed. This program was born from Mr. Segaloff’s core principles and nurtured by the involvement of the military, the business community and the citizens. It began with a summer tennis camp, has grown to Kindergarten through High School, and it continues to expand into other cities… a dream achieved and growing.