Remembering Walter Segaloff

Ten years ago, we lost our relentless leader, Walter Segaloff. Walter not only founded An Achievable Dream, but he also started a movement of change in Newport News. He saw a need to improve his community’s lives, and over 31 years later, his vision still lives.

Those who have shared his dream since 1992 can recall the indelible mark he left behind. E.D. David of David, Kamp, & Frank, LLC, shared a few thoughts:

Walter himself dreamed his own big dreams. He had a hard time making his dreams a reality because as soon as he got close to meeting his objective, he would move the goal posts—and just dream bigger dreams. 

Walter, undoubtedly, would concede that the Achievable Dream has already succeeded well beyond the vision, BUT he would point out that with more financial support, even greater heights could be achieved (he never stopped fundraising).

What has been built in the last decade since Walter’s passing is just a marvel. The success of the graduates is statistically breathtaking and likely second to no other such program. The community, congressional and governmental support confirm that success. And as a consequence, Achievable Dream is regularly sought after to bring its magic sauce to other schools and communities.

Walter would deflect praise aimed at him and would applaud the teachers, the staff AND the Dreamers for their hard work. He would applaud the financial support of the business community and so many individuals that make it work. 

He would single out the leadership of Lee Vreeland—and he would be right. Lee would likewise deflect the praise and raise her glass to the teachers and staff, who care and care a lot—and she would be right.

So, let’s move the goal posts in his memory and continue to be inspired by his dreams that we now all own.

Our president and CEO, Dr. Lee Vreeland reflected on her own memory of Walter and the legacy he left behind.

Our late founder, Walter Segaloff, was a one-of-a-kind leader, changemaker, and mentor. Walter opened my eyes to an unimaginable future and in remembrance of the 10th anniversary of his passing, it is my honor and privilege to carry his legacy forward. Thank you, Walter, for teaching us how to dream, believe, and ultimately achieve.

We honor Walter not only today but every day.