Bathsheba Smithen

Class of 2002, Mary Cox-Hughes Scholar

“With the support of An Achievable Dream, education became one of my most valuable possessions. I’ll never forget one of the sayings we said every morning, “I can go to college if I work hard.” The more I repeated this statement, the more college became a reality. Not only that, but being exposed to activities such as the opera, tennis and plays, opened my mind to a whole new world that I would never have experienced.”

While in college, Bathsheba Smithen was rejected by her mother. Two years later, she graduated with a biology degree from Virginia Tech. No family member attended her graduation; however, friends and mentors from An Achievable Dream came in support. Following undergraduate school, she enrolled in the George Mason University (GMU) masters degree program in Health Policy and Administration. Shortly after, her mother abandoned her three brothers. Assuming full custody of her brothers, she graduated from GMU and is now teaching critical reading at Trinity Washington University and travels as a motivational speaker and performer.  A published writer, poet and motivational speaker, Smithen was named a “first-rate thinker” by world-renowned poet Dr. Nikki Giovanni.