3 ways you can help AAD students during the COVID-19 crisis

Do you or your family need help or support as a result of COVID-19 closures and quarantines? Email us at information@achievabledream.org and someone from our team will contact you!

As we navigate this season of uncertainty, we know we will need each other more than ever. Our students and their families are strongly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and accompanying precautions, and the needs vary widely from food, supplies, and academic support. An Achievable Dream will need the support of our friends and partners during this time as we work hard to ensure that our students are still equipped to succeed, no matter what happens. 

Here are 3 ways you can help AAD students and their families during this time:

1. Support our Annual Fund!
Help keep AAD operating by supporting our annual fund. This will be a difficult season as many regular fundraising activities have been interrupted or halted altogether. We don’t know what recovery will look like yet, but we do know that nothing can stand in the way of providing our students with the education, resources and opportunities they deserve!

2. Support our Food for Families fund!
We are providing – and will continue to provide as long as necessary – food, school supplies and hygiene items to our families. The cost of a two-week supply bag is $100. Please consider giving to support this effort! Just $100 can supply food and supplies for a family for two weeks.

3. Support our college students!
Help us support our college students as they navigate this stressful and unexpected change! We are providing food for our college students who are now at home after campus closures, as well as technology support and other supplies needed to complete their coursework.