7 Online Learning Tips for College Students

Navigating a “new normal” together during the COVID-19 pandemic includes taking college courses completely online for AAD graduates. If you are adjusting to studying online, put these tips into place as you get into a new routine! If you have questions or need advice for setting up an online schoolwork routine, reach out to Elizabeth Aultice, eaultice@achievabledream.org.

1. Create a work space!
Pick a space for “school” at your home. Do not lay down in bed or on the sofa, you might fall asleep!

2. Eliminate distractions
Turn off TV & games. Remove yourself from busy places in the home. Select a time of day to work that is most quiet & calm.

3. Limit social media
Logout of social media on your laptop and devices you are using for school. Turn off your notifications on your cell phone while working.

4. Log on early and often
Discussion boards are always open and changing! Make sure to log in at least twice a day to check on assignments and notes.

5. Plan it out!
Get a planner and write down all your assignment due dates and deadlines. Break it down step by step so you don’t forget or procrastinate. Set multiple reminders in your phone starting days before an assignment is due up to the deadline!

6. Take breaks!
Sitting at a desk for hours is tedious! Schedule breaks throughout your day/assignments and stick to them!

7. Join a virtual study group
Start a group with some classmates to review assignments & get ready for test/quizzes!

You can find more tips for learning online here: https://goodcolleges.online/study-tips-for-success/