Casey Auto Group Provides Summer Experience for An Achievable Dream Alumni

An Achievable Dream has always had a wonderful relationship with Art Casey and Casey Auto Group.This summer, Mr. Casey took a challenge and turned it into an opportunity for An Achievable Dream alumni! 

With the pandemic, extra emphasis was placed on sanitation and cleanliness at all Casey dealerships. To tackle this project, Mr. Casey hired six AAD alumni to sanitize door handles, waiting areas, and other high traffic areas of the dealership to make sure customers felt more comfortable about being in the dealership during the summer. 

These alumni were given the nickname of the “Casey Sanitation Crew” and they immediately made a great impression on all who came into contact with them in their roles. These students’ strong work ethic translated so well in the dealerships that additional opportunities in the parts department and customer service center were also made available to the alumni employees!

Jordan Alston is one alumni who had the opportunity to work in the parts department at Casey Chevrolet assisting with call-in orders, inventory checks, and even driving the parts truck. 

“An Achievable Dream helped prepare me. I learned to pay attention to detail. An Achievable Dream also taught me integrity. Here we have the freedom to do what we want at our own pace, but because of the integrity that we learned, we do our work promptly,” Alston said. “It’s like having the perfect last name. It makes a lot of things possible, a lot of doors open because they already know we’re awesome because we went to Achievable Dream. I’ve always heard to network, but here I’ve learned the importance. We have met a lot of people and they are teaching and helping us with our personal cars as well. This experience reminds me to remember where I came from and connect with it.”

Shirelle Linzy, who worked at Casey Toyota said, “It’s very important for me to represent AAD very well in this position because they are the reason I am here and they stand for something greater than me! I am honored to be able to represent AAD.” 

Our alumni have all excelled in their rolls at Casey Auto group this summer and have truly represented AAD well in doing so!

“Casey Auto Group has partnered with Achievable Dream since its inception. I can truly say that of the things we have done so far, having the graduates of Achievable Dream  intern for us this summer has been one of my favorites,” Art Casey said. “The graduates are customer-facing in our dealerships and they are doing a wonderful job. We are giving them a glimpse into the business side of operations while they are helping us maintain relationships. It’s a win-win.”