Faculty Focus: April Duncan

Reading Coach at Seatack Elementary AAD Academy

Can you share what An Achievable Dream means to you, and what inspires you to continue your work with this school?

An Achievable Dream believes in educating the whole child through the foundational principles of social, academic, and moral curriculum. Students are provided with valuable experiences that broaden their view of the world around them with opportunities that would not have been afforded them unless they attended a private institution. An Achievable Dream levels the playing field of educational equity, and this wonderful organization provides the building blocks for unleashing the greatness within every student!

At An Achievable Dream’s 2018 Tennis Ball, Rashida Stevens, AAD alumna, was the keynote speaker. Ms. Stevens shared: 

“Looking at how my life began, you could easily see the odds were stacked against me. If you had polled several hundred people to inquire what I would become, I doubt accountant or attorney would have been among the top answers. Statistically speaking, I should not be standing in front of you today, and I should not have accomplished any of what I have achieved. However, here I am!”

– Rashida Stevens, Class of 2004, 26th Annual Tennis Ball Keynote Speaker

Stories like Ms. Stevens’ define what An Achievable Dream means to me. Her story inspires me to be the best that I can be each day when I enter the walls of Seatack Elementary, An Achievable Dream Academy!  When I think of the limitless potential that each student possesses, my roles as teacher, coach and facilitator become that much more important. I have the opportunity to shape the world of a future doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, CEO or even President of the United States!  My job is to inspire, encourage, and give hope to students who come from the most difficult situations and remind them that they are still the “captains of their destiny!” Their current situation does not define who they are. What defines them is the fight and drive they possess to change the world around them.

What is the most important lesson or value you hope to instill in your students? 

“You can’t blend in when you were meant to stand out.” (Via Pullman, Wonder, 2017). 

The most important lesson that I can instill in my students is to be unapologetically them. I want them to embrace who they are, know their greatness, dream big, and work hard. Our Dreamers have an endless supply of potential and their ability to accomplish the impossible lies within each of them!

If you could tell the world something about your students, something EVERYONE needs to know, what would it be? 

Something everyone needs to know about my students is that they each have unique talents, abilities, and skills that can be used to make a positive impact on the world. Each scholar has a journey to take, desires to fulfill, dreams to accomplish, and a purpose to fulfill!  They possess a beauty of strength and resilience that is held by champions!  My students and the possibilities for them are limitless! Watch out world, our Soaring Seagull Scholars have the potential to transform the universe!