Faculty Focus: Meet the Dream Team!

At An Achievable Dream, we have an amazing group of faculty and staff who make The Dream a reality on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy getting to know them through this Faculty Focus series!

Meet… Ms. Belinda Flucker
Kindergarten Teacher, An Achievable Dream Academy

Can you share what An Achievable Dream means to you, and what has inspired you over the years to continue your work with this school?

I have been working for An Achievable Dream since the beginning. For me, An Achievable Dream is a school that exemplifies the true meaning of teaching. Our babies sometimes need a lot of polishing to see their potential and endless possibilities. I have continued my work over the years because I find joy in knowing that I have made a very positive impact on the lives of the children I served over the past 25 years.

An Achievable Dream just celebrated 25 years. Looking ahead, what do you think the legacy of An Achievable Dream will be 25 years from now?

To me, the legacy in 25 years will be seeing my current kindergartners who have progressed through the program and are productive, active, and successful citizens in their community.

If you could tell the world something about your students, something EVERYONE needs to know, what would it be?

My student’s socioeconomic status will not dictate their future. I know what the research shows and what society says, but I believe what dictates their future is the high quality of instruction, positive relationships, nurturing, and LOVE they receive from me and all of the staff every day at An Achievable Dream Academy.

Thank you, Ms. Flucker, for 25 years of dedication, and for sharing what The Dream means to you!
We are stronger with you on our team!

Photos courtesy of Sigmon Taylor Photography