Honoring the Legacy of An Achievable Dream Board Member Charles Spencer

We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Charles (Charlie) Spencer, a pillar in the Newport News community. Charlie was one of AAD’s most staunch supporters for nearly 30 years, almost since the program began. He first joined the College and Career Scholarships, Inc. board at its inception in 2008. This board later became the AAD Middle & High School board, of which he was a member until his passing. He and his family supported AAD in many other capacities. He was passionate about ensuring our Dreamers had the opportunities they needed for the bright futures he knew they deserved. He was incredibly proud of the classroom sponsorship at AAD Middle & High School in Newport News, selecting the character trait “Determination” and sponsoring the classroom with Mrs. Spencer in memory of Thelma Taylor Spencer.

He defined the meaning of “determination,” always going the extra mile for his family, his business, and his community, and set a true example of citizenship, kindness and dedication. He will be deeply and truly missed by all who knew him, and we know all who had the pleasure to know or work with him share these feelings of loss.

We have gathered some photos of Mr. Spencer through the years with An Achievable Dream, including his classroom panel at the Middle & High School. It was clear that his passion and dedication for this organization, and for everything he did, created a legacy for his family to honor.

Our hearts go out to his family as they mourn his passing. Please join us in keeping them in your thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks and months.

At An Achievable Dream, we often say, “Once a Dreamer, always a Dreamer.” Mr. Spencer will always be a Dreamer.

You can read his obituary here.