I am An Achievable Dream success story.

When you hear the words “single-parent household,” “low-income,” or “at-risk”, you may not immediately think of a successful person. However, when you hear the words “high-achiever,” “Ph.D. candidate,” or “community leader,” what comes to mind? What’s the difference between the two? For me and many of my friends and peers, the difference was An Achievable Dream.

As An Achievable Dream (AAD) Class of 2009 graduate, I experienced the “Achievable Dream difference” firsthand.

I’ve watched my peers flourish when society and statistics said they should have failed.

My reality now was once just a dream. Thanks to AAD, my reality is this: I obtained my bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and became a homeowner by the age of 25. At 27, I started my own business and by age 30, I will have a Ph.D. in educational management. 

And to think, statistics said I was destined to fail. 

There are nearly 2,000 students across five AAD schools. That’s 2,000 kids who dream of becoming everything you can imagine – veterinarians, lawyers, scientists – and 2,000 kids who need our continuous support to achieve their dreams.

That’s why I joined the Dream Club.  The Dream Club not only provides ongoing, reliable support for AAD, it provides stability for our students who often experience turmoil and uncertainty. It is a regular reminder to these young Dreamers that WE BELIEVE IN THEM.

The world is full of possibilities. Let’s turn dreams into reality for AAD students. Please join me in helping ensure these students have a path to success by becoming a member of the Dream Club.

Your gift will be the difference between “dreams” and “reality” for An Achievable Dream students, and that’s a powerful thing.


Barbara Banks
AAD Class of 2009