Where Are They Now? An Update from the Class of 2015

As we continue our alumni series, “Where Are They Now,” travel in time with us as we follow our graduates on their journeys and discover how An Achievable Dream made a positive impact on their lives. Also featured in this series are each graduating class’s sponsor to share their inspiration for supporting their class and a reflection from AAD president and CEO, Dr. Lee Vreeland, on each alumni. In this feature, we are highlighting Class of 2015 graduate, Ciearra Boddie.

Tell us where you are, what you’re doing now, and the accomplishment or life milestones you’re most proud of!

I am so honored to be a Dreamer and I appreciate all of the assistance that An Achievable Dream has provided to me. After graduating from An Achievable Dream in 2015, I enrolled at Virginia Tech. In December 2019, I graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in applied economic management.

What about An Achievable Dream do you feel most prepared you for the career and life you have now?

After all these years, the banners recited daily at An Achievable Dream’s morning program have been a constant motivation. For instance, I find inspiration in the banners that stated, “I can go to college if I work hard, and decisions are up to me.” Additionally, the rigorous courses, the college trips, and the dedicated teachers at An Achievable Dream have prepared me for the life I have now. I am beyond grateful for my wonderful family and all the assistance I had along the way!

What is next for you?

After college, I started a full-time position as a retail banker and began my journey at Liberty University. In May 2021, I completed my certificate in accounting and began my master’s degree in accounting in August 2021. After the completion of this degree, I plan to become a certified public accountant and open my own consulting and bookkeeping business.

From our President and CEO, Dr. Lee Vreeland:

Ciearra always had the perseverance to overcome the most difficult challenges. Her journey has not always been easy, but it never stood in her way. In fact, she always transformed her obstacles into her greatest motivators. Her drive and determination are incomparable and should serve as an inspiration to us all. I have no doubt that she will succeed at everything she sets her mind to, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of her journey holds!

– Lee Vreeland, Ed.D., President/CEO, An Achievable Dream

Continue reading to learn about why the graduating class sponsor from 2015, Smithfield Foods, chose to invest in the Dream.

Smithfield is committed to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion across our organization and in the communities we serve. It’s our honor to partner with An Achievable Dream to support equity in education in our Hampton Roads community, and we are grateful for the academies’ dedication to ensuring area students are equipped with the resources and opportunities they need to be successful in school and in life.

– Keira Lombardo, Chief Administrative Officer, Smithfield Foods